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Revenue Matters

While you may think of Revenue Matters as your partner in driving top-line revenue, we fully recognize that cash flow and profit drive your business forward. We keep that in mind as we formulate our strategy recommendations. This also forces us to think of your business holistically rather than through a narrow lens.

Guest experience, operational efficiencies, process improvements, smart capital investment, market positioning, and many other factors contribute to revenue performance and profit. 

Our mid-year newsletter aims to provide insights on what demand for the remainder of the year may look like based on emerging investor and consumer sentiment. We also offer some ideas on how others are enhancing their guest experience with limited resources, and how you can directly impact profit through our “Profit Matters” service offerings.

Below are some recent articles that we found interesting. Enjoy!

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Hospitality Headlines

Baird/STR Hotel Stock Index grew 6.2% in June
June showed a rising stock index and a decrease in recession fears, signaling a return to industry normalcy as the traveler mix, market blend and day-of-week levels continue to stabilize.


The State of the American Traveler in July 2023 - Some Trip Spending Will Be Compromised in Order to Keep Traveling
HNR Hotel News
Even with the ups and downs of recent concerns around a potential recession and high travel costs, Americans’ commitment to travel as a budget priority has continued to hold steady. The percentage of travelers that believe now is a good time to travel is rising, showing an optimistic future for the hotel industry in the year ahead.


Best 15 ideas to enhance hotel guest experience
Tom Brown, MEWS
Enhancing the guest experience doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, even something as simple as a smile can change the outlook of customers’ opinions of their stay. Learn how you can easily and effectively show off your best assets and keep your guests coming back for more.


AI in hospitality: how artificial intelligence is transforming the hotel industry
A more memorable experience, better value and personalized service can be seamlessly achieved by combining AI technology with advanced analytics tools and the latest property management systems. Find out why many hotels have already employed this powerful tool to help them stay competitive in the modern-day hospitality industry.


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Profit Matters

Increased revenue Case Study

Case Study (Jesta Properties)

In an effort to recover thousands of dollars in lost revenues due to OTA virtual collect reservations, this property turned to rOTA’s services and successfully gained back over $30K, without any fees or labor costs.

To learn more about rOTA’s services and how you can win back lost revenues, talk to your Director of Revenue Strategies.

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Marketing Corner


Our Take on Threads

threads logo

While Threads by Meta may be “new,” it certainly isn’t the “improved” social media platform that you should jump on for your property—at least not at this time. Audience time on site has already diminished since its introduction, so Meta’s challenge will be to figure out how to keep its users’ attention.

Therefore, Revenue Matters recommends waiting until the Threads audience has grown before considering utilizing this as a social channel for your property. It’s also imperative that you consider how your target audience aligns with the mass audience on Threads. Finally, ensure there are ways to measure engagement and consider other channels that are more established for building a brand presence.

Revenue Matters is here to help you with your social media strategy. Contact Us to learn more.


Vendor Spotlight

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Introducing MOP by Visual Matrix

MOP is a Mobile Operating Platform software for housekeeping and maintenance that streamlines and automates routine tasks and is compatible with any PMS. With MOP, staff members have the ability to monitor maintenance and room status in real-time, enabling quick room turnover; and they have access to performance analytics and insights that can be used to improve operations, as well as a built-in quality control module that tracks and monitors cleaning performance. MOP can ultimately save you over 2,500 labor hours a year!

To learn more or get a demo, please contact our Visual Matrix Sales Partner at

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SynXis Retail Studio

SynXis recently introduced its Retail Studio, using attribute-based selling to increase revenues and create additional value for your property. With this new product, guests can choose from a variety of add-ons and tailor their experience to their wants and needs. Guest choices can include room upgrades or preferences, variations to property policies, additional transportation and services, local experiences, and merchandise requests. 

To learn more and start a conversation around your property, talk to your Director of Revenue Strategies.

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Industry Spotlight


ROC highlights

What is important to today’s hotel guest? What key elements should your property be focusing on to bring both value and interest to your current and past guests? This year’s ROC conference focused on such topics as the impact of a good marketing program, the success of shoulder nights in driving revenues, employing experience and promotions over discounts, and the service expectations of guests, in finding your improved rhythm in the year ahead.

Visit our blog to learn more.

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Charity Spotlight

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St Jude Children’s Research Hospital/Fitness Challenge Results

Revenue Matters had another successful fitness challenge, walking 6,600 miles to raise over $1,600 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and “virtually” walking to all our clients, both in the US and overseas! We will also be participating in the St. Jude Walk/Run National when we meet for our annual retreat in Las Vegas at the end of September.


Ask, and You Shall Receive

Your Questions Matter!
Q: An Integrated Revenue Strategy certainly lends a hand to improved efficiency, but what is it?
Q: How can Upselling or Cross-Selling be the perfect way to increase your ancillary revenues?
Q: What makes a Direct Booking so cost-effective?

Check out other great Q&A's or submit your own here.



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