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As we enter the holiday season, there is no doubt that the word "Gathering" will be at the forefront of our minds. If nothing else, the past couple of years have taught us the importance of relationships, both personal and professional. Of course, your guests feel the same way. This bodes well for the hospitality industry in general as guests continue to gather at properties for a variety of reasons. Detecting, understanding and capitalizing on trends as they emerge will be vital in the months ahead. We at Revenue Matters understand this and, as your business partners, we are committed to bringing unique perspectives to your operation.

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Hospitality Headlines

15 Hospitality Industry Trends for 2022/2023
Nestor Gilbert, FinancesOnline
Keeping an eye out for the latest trends can help you stay on top of industry changes and events that impact how you do business. This hospitality trends report delves into the latest and most significant developments that are reshaping guest experience, tech adoption, and tourism, among others.


Fall Travel Trends Highlight How and Where Americans Will Spend
Laurie Baratti, Travel Pulse
Amidst rising gas prices and inflation, travelers are still seeking out their next vacation spot, although it may look a little different. Cost is certainly a factor, encouraging trips that are closer to home and shorter in duration. Travel within the US is still the more popular choice, although some are seeking adventure overseas, bringing on more international travel.


Global Hotel Occupancy Exceeds Pre-Pandemic Levels in July and August
Anna Ransom, Amadeus Hospitality
According to Amadeus’ in-depth Demand360® business intelligence data, global hotel occupancy has exceeded pre-pandemic levels consistently throughout the summer, being up 3% to 2019. This indicates consistent consumer confidence when it comes to booking travel for future stay dates. Group travel is also strong in Q4 and into 2023, proving that hoteliers can mitigate the potential impact of staff shortages.


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Tricks of the Trade

A loss in bookings during the holiday season due to COVID was quickly rectified through a targeted campaign using email, paid social media, and paid search ads. This ultimately led to a timely and very successful campaign to drive revenue at this group of luxury hotels.

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Increased revenue Case Study
Lock & key

Modern Technology

Increased revenue Case Study

It’s time to update your website tracking analytics. Starting July 1, 2023, all Google Analytics traffic will be recorded in the new version called Google Analytics 4. Revenue Matters can assist you with installing the new codes so you are set up for success before this summer deadline.



Vendor Spotlight


As more and more guests “gather” at your property, it might be a good time to consider GoTab. This modern technology provides a seamless way for your guests to get a little more out of their stay with you. Through contactless ordering and online payments, it allows guests to order and pay for food and drinks, whether in the hotel restaurant or in their guest room via their mobile device. This ease of service allows for less labor costs on your end with the added benefit of a greater revenue stream—a win-win for both you and your guests.

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