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If there is one thing we have all learned over the past two years, it’s the value in remaining flexible. Rapid and sometimes unexpected shifts in demand require vigilance and an appropriate response. That is where our team comes in. Although our “crystal ball” may have some cracks in it, for most of our properties, we expect Q1 to remain “bumpy” in terms of demand and recovery, with some “normalization” returning in Q2. Group backlog appears to be gaining strength for many starting as early as April, and some of our leisure properties are already seeing Summer bookings. We anticipate continued ability to drive ADR during Q3 and expect to see some compression dates in Q4 for many of our properties.

We have also continued to make significant investments in the development of MAX™ to help us rapidly identify trends and dig even deeper into the factors that drive revenue performance.

Speaking of trends, some interesting ones are emerging that we wanted you to know about. Read on…

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Hospitality Headlines

8 trends will shape hospitality in 2022 – miss them at your peril
By Dori Stein, Fornova
There’s little escaping the fact that hotels cannot rely on what they have always done before if they are to claw back successfully.


Four trends that are reshaping the travel industry in the wake of the pandemic
By Hilton, Fast Company
Newfound routines, priorities, and passions among consumers are creating new expectations within the hospitality industry. As a result, hotels are on the hunt for innovative strategies to keep up with these changes in the wake of the pandemic. Find out what four trends have evolved and how you can incorporate them into your property’s experience.


The Death of the Third-Party Cookie: What Marketers Need to Know About Google's 2022 Phase-Out
By Pamela Bump, HubSpot
Google’s elimination of third-party cookies may be making consumers happy, but what does it mean for marketers? There is certainly cause for concern by those who have relied heavily on the trackability of third-party cookies, but new alternatives are emerging. Find out more about Google’s cookie phase-out and how you can find ways to rise above it.


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Tricks of the Trade

Is your spending going to the right place? In this Two-Minute Tip video, Trevor walks you through the process of evaluating your distribution costs and profit by channel to ensure you are using a strategy that gets you the most profitable return on investment.

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Trevors Two-Minute Tips
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Email Marketing Services
More significant online privacy measures have left marketers wondering what their next step should be to reach their consumers in a targeted and meaningful way while gaining valuable knowledge of the trends and preferences of their audiences. As a result, email has become an important element within an overall marketing strategy. With email, you have the flexibility to connect with specific guests based on historical buying behavior or attract the attention of prospective new guests.

Revenue Matters has a team of experts in the popular hospitality CRM systems— Revinate, Travelclick GMS, Guestfolio, and more, and utilizes this knowledge to design, segment, target, deploy and report on campaigns to help fill need periods, strengthen relationships with guests and create brand awareness.

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Strategic Partnerships

MAX interactive analytics platform

MAX™ Update…new integrations!
Revenue Matters continues to invest in making improvements to our MAX™ interactive analytics platform so that our team can provide you with deeper insights into property performance. Our latest focus is to augment the statistical level data we currently receive with transactional level data. Transactional level data will enable us to better identify and respond to trends relating to channel and rate plan production plus booking window, day-of-week booking patterns, and more. Our first integration is with the StayNTouch property management system. More PMS integrations are planned for 2022.

In addition, we have forged a relationship with HotelCompete, a highly qualified industry rate shopping provider, to supply us with daily data feeds. These feeds include longer lengths of stay to more easily identify if a particular competitor is truly sold out on a given day or if they simply have a rate restriction in place.

We’re making MAX™ even more powerful so we can provide you with deeper analysis and an enhanced level of service.


Vendor Spotlight

flipto is a marketing platform that reaches, inspires, and wins over travelers with a reimagined approach that’s centered on trust.'s out-of-the-box platform increases conversion, recording impact tracked directly to revenue and in real-time—from inspiring a right-fit audience with the help of past guests to sparking conversations with travelers in the planning phase deciding where to go next.

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